• Agricultural marketing cooperatives

    Cooperative businesses owned by farmers, to undertake transformation, packaging, distribution, and marketing of farm products.

    • The Florida Herbal Cooperative is a new initiative. We seek to:

      • Connect farmers and buyers such as herbalists, acupuncturists, and small herbal companies
      • Offer educational opportunities and technical assistance to farmers interested in growing medicinal herbs.
  • Why a Cooperative?

    The economic benefits are a strong driver in forming cooperatives but not the sole consideration. In fact, it is possible for the economic benefits from a cooperative to be replicated in other organisational forms. An important strength of a cooperative for the farmer is that they retain the governance of the association, thereby ensuring they have ultimate ownership and control. This ensures that the profit reimbursement is shared only amongst the farmer members, rather than shareholders.

    • The Florida Herbal Cooperative upholds the holistic healthcare vision of “Herbal Medicine as the People’s Medicine.”

    • We are a cooperative of local farmers and small-scale growers who responsibly steward the land.

    • The Florida Herbal Co-op is a grassroots organization for herbal companies and practitioners who care about medicinal quality and ethical sourcing of herbs.

    • We are a farmers’ co-op for growers that provides a community of practice and brand recognition enabling you to improve your internal farm processes through peer networking unlike farming, marketing, and branding all on your own.

  • Calendar of Upcoming Events-

    Come and look for us!

    • 11/30/2018-12/2/2018 Florida Permaculture Convergence- Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, FL

    • 2/22/2019- 2/24/2019 Florida Herbal Conference- Camp La Llanada in Lake Wales, FL

  • The Florida Herbal Cooperative is a new initiative with the mission to expand the production and accessibility of Florida grown medicinal herbs. The co-op  will assist Florida farmers in growing, processing, branding, marketing, and sales. We hope to provide a community of practice, technical assistance with certifications and traceability, and training for small herb growers in Florida. We need your guidance! If you are an herb buyer, grower, or interested in participating in the co-op, please take our survey here: https://goo.gl/forms/8gLhD9vAjWn8lrXH2.