interested in growing or purchasing medicinal herbs grown in florida?

Florida Herbal Marketplace

The purpose of this page is to help Florida herb and specialty crop growers succeed by connecting them with other growers, buyers, and industries offering relevant products, services, events, etc.  Buyers and other services providers can be from anywhere. We use a broad definition for the word “herb”, so that can include culinary, medicinal, aromatic, and decorative herbs and plants used for food, medicine, beverages, decorations, essential oils, and many other purposes. This includes, woodland botanicals, bamboo, medicinal fruits, useful tree and flower species, cultivated and wild-harvested plants, etc.

For your ad to be added to the Herbal Marketplace page, it must: ● Be 200 characters (not words) or less (does not include spaces). ● Include a phone number, email, and/or website link. ● Be a product or need that fits the rules above. ● You can post multiple ads. ● To have your free ad listed, email and put “Herbal Marketplace Ad” in the subject line. ● Ads will automatically be deleted after one year. ● To  have your ad deleted earlier, email , put “Herbal Marketplace Ad” in the subject line and include a copy of the ad as it is printed with the date it was posted.

Marketplace Ads

3/10/20- Seeking 5+ pounds sida cordifolia, Sida ulmifolia or Sida rhombifolia, dried. Price negotiable. Contact Emily Ruff at

8/28/20- Seeking 1+ pounds of dried moringa leaf.

For sale: Sida acuta, dried

Contact Rose Kalajian at

3/12/20- Looking for Sida acuta or S. cordifolia,  Sambucus leaf and stem, Aralia racemosa [American Spinkenard], Cryptolepis spp., and Grindelia [Gumweed]. Contact: Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower at

11/1/20 – Looking for 25# of Sida acuta- organic preferred. Contact Myriah Hinchey at or 860 377 0709. 

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