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[custom_posts entry_ids=”450,443,444,442″ template=”one_third_gallery” effect=”grayscale” hide=”date,author,comments_link,summary,categories,tags,button_1″]



Use Your Style

You can also apply different style (colorful or grayscale) to each collection separately.

Show/Hide Collection Elements

You can define how your collection will look like by choosing which elements should be visible.

Choose From Different Templates

Rregular grid, gallery and masonry style, this is only a small part of available template variants.



Popular Posts (Regular Grid)

[popular_posts max=”4″ template=”one_fourth” effect=”none”]


Recent Posts (Masonry Style)

[recent_posts max=”8″ template=”one_fourth_masonry” effect=”none” hide=”categories, tags”]


Use With Columns – Related Posts, Gallery Style


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[related_posts max=”3″ template=”one_fourth_gallery” effect=”none” hide=”summary, categories, tags, button_1″]


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